1. How do we book a karaoke room?

Everything is online. This way: Book your box

2. Why book in advance?

We recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment – Friday and Saturday nights are often booked far in advance. 

But you can always come with no booking, hoping that the suitable room for your group is free. 

For the booking, click here: Book your box

3. How much does a session of karaoke cost?

The price of the karaoke rooms is fixed per room (and not per person) – the prices vary between 60 and 400 euros for 2 hours of karaoke depending on the size of the room (between 6 and 20 people), and the day. If the room is full, the price per head is between 10 and 20 euros, for 2 hours.
For more details click here

4. What does the booking of a karaoke room include?

The four karaoke rooms are furnished with premium equipment. You select your tracks on a touchscreen and they show up on a television screen. There are two wireless microphones per room and we entrusted Bose with the speakers. It is possible to add 2 more wired microphones, on request.

5. Do we have to pay upfront?

Yes, only with an upfront payment can you get your booking. There were too many instances where clients did not show up after booking without upfront payment. We hope for your understanding.

6. How much time does a karaoke session last?

2 hours. Minimum.

7. Why do you recommend coming early?

So you can fully enjoy your two hours of karaoke and to get into the mood! 
 you'll stay in our cocktail bar area where you can dine on the thumb and taste our cocktail menu. You can also take advantage of the Happy Hour from 4pm to 8pm. 

A lot of groups arrive late and we cannot shift the schedule to give you your full two hours if this happens.  
Moroever, if no one has booked the room before you, we can give it to you earlier and you will have a longer session (for the same price!).

8. Is it possible to visit BAM Karaoke Box before booking?

Of course. Bam Karaoke Box is open from 6:15pm to 2am, from Monday to Friday, and from 10am every week-end. Don't hesitate to drop by and we will show you around.

9. Is it possible to sing longer?

Of course! You can book the following slot to sing two more hours! 
 And if at the end of the session, there is no group in line after you, you can add 1 or two hours.

10. We are 11 people, do we have to book the room for 12 people or can we book the room for 10? What is the cost for the 11th person?

You can book the room for 10 people - there will be no supplementary cost for the 11th person! However, if you are 12 or over, we reserve to charge the standard price (between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the time and day). 8 people room: 8 people tolerated without supplementary cost . 10 people room: 11 people tolerated without supplementary cost. 12 people room: 13 people tolerated without supplementary cost. 15 people room: 17 people tolerated without supplementary cost. Big Box (20 people room): 20 people tolerated without supplementary cost.

11. We would like to celebrate a birthday at your place but we will be around thirty people. What should we do ?

In that case, we suggest you to choose BAM Richer which has the biggest rooms and to book the biggest room (for 15 people but you can comfortably be about 18 inside). People take turns in the room, some staying at the bar to chat.  You can also book 2 rooms, the 15 people room and the 12 people room, which are side by side. In any case, we recommend you book 1 or 2 slots of 2 hours, in other words 2 or 4 hours of karaoke. For groups of twenty people, Big Box is perfect!

If you want to order a birthday cake, just click here.


According to our Terms and Conditions that you accept by booking your session, the reservation cancellation terms karaoke rooms are :

  • You will be refunded fully if you make your cancellation request at least 3 weeks before the start of the karaoke session
  • You will have a credit if you make your request to cancel between 3 weeks and 72 hours before the start of the karaoke session
  • You can not have any refund or credit if you do not make your cancellation request less than 72 hours before the start of the karaoke session.
Cancellations or Changes of your reservation have to be made on your customer area. But be careful, you can only change it once, via the customer area.



1. Is it allowed to bring food or drinks inside the karaoke rooms?

Except for birthday cakes, we don't allow our clients to bring in food or drinks, even for a corkage fee. Our menu is available here.

2. What are the tracks available?

There are more than 2200 french songs and 7000 english songs. We usually add 20 to 50 songs per month, depending on your requests and novelties. Our catalog is available here..

1. What is BAM Karaoke Box?

BAM Karaoke Box is the first quality private karaoke in Paris. BAM Karaoke Box is a cocktail bar, 4 private karaoke rooms, and a Big Box with private access and mini-bar. Each has its own unique theme and premium equipment (touch screen, Bose sound, personalised lighting...). Here is a preview.

2. Where is BAM Karaoke Box?

Right in the center of Paris, at number 30 of rue Richer in the 9th district, between the metro stations of Grands Boulevards and Cadet. For more information

3. What are your opening hours?

From 6:15pm to 2am, from Monday to Friday (from 6 :00pm for Big Box). From 10am to 2am on Saturday and, from 2:00pm to 00:00 on Sunday.

4. What are the prices for the drinks?

Between 8 and 14€ for cocktails, 4€ for half of beers and 4.5 € for softs. For more details, you can find the menu here.

5. Do you also offer food?

We offer finger food such as tapenade, tapenade, duck terrine, delicatessen, chips… Catering is also possible if you contact us several days before your event at BAM.

6. Can I come to BAM Karaoke Box with no intention of singing?

Of course! We are also a bar, everyone is welcome to have a drink!

1. Love the interior decoration - who was the one who accessorized BAM Karaoke?

It is the POOL design agency that has accessorized BAM. All highly specialized team focused on BAM to give it its inimitable touch.

2. And what has been done to the front of BAM karaoke?

Our graphic designers - the beautiful Pool agency - have fun! This is a window sticker who gets our logo to give the impression of original curtains.

1. How it works the Customor Area ?

It's very simple. When you make a reservation for the first time on our website, your account is automatically created with your email (be careful to specify the correct address!). A password is automatically generated and is communicated to you by email. You can then change the password with one of your choice by logging into your account.

2. What is my customer area for ?

Many features are available on the customer area. You can :

  • Check your next booking at BAM,
  • Postpone your booking for a day or a time that is more appropriate
  • Cancel your session
  • Reissue an invoice in the name of a company
  • Check your credit notes and your previous sessions
  • Check the amount of your credit notes and use them
  • Order a birthday cake and/or plates of sweet and salted bites
  • Order drinks that will await you directly in your room
  • Create your collaborative playlist before your session at BAM

3. Comment utiliser mon avoir ?

On your customer area in "My Space" tabthe part about credit notes (completely on the right) shows the amount of your credit note, below it is written> Use my credit note. Just click on it. A schedule will open and you can select the slot of your choice. To validate it, just click on > Use my credit note to book. If the slot is more expensive than the amount your credit note, you will then have to pay the balance online. If the amount is cheaper than the amount of your credit note, the difference will be refunded.

4. Comment commander un GÂTEAU ET/Ou des Plateaux de bouchÉes ?

On your customer area, in the Cakes/Plates tab, just select what you want to order and follow the instructions. If you are asked for an address, enter BAM Richer or BAM Sentier. You pay online, then you will receive a confirmation email.