BAM Bordeaux 6 to 15 persons.
36, rue Cornac 33000 Bordeaux

6 persons rooms

There are 6-persons rooms in BAM Bordeaux. The Wild Joy lounge is set apart by its cosy vintage ambiance, decorated in different shades of green and pink. Step into a world of elegance and refined designs where you can let your imagination run wild! A touch of velvet and powder pink helps create a soft and relaxing setting for your evening of freedom.

Because we love eclectic design at BAM, we have designed a truly unique room: the BimBamBoum. Organised chaos meets a colourful bazaar meets crazy graphics to create a Pop art look! Take a trip back in time to the sixties

6-person rooms can accommodate 6 people. No additional guests can be added above the maximum. If there are more than 6 people, book one of our 8-persons rooms.

8 persons rooms

There are two 8-persons rooms in BAM Bordeaux.

If you go crazy for psychedelia, you're in the right place! The Night Fever lounge is designed to really blow your mind. With swirling colours and shifting forms, you'll feel like you've stepped into a beautiful dream. All that's left to do is sing and have fun.

The Casa Verde lounge is true to its name, decorated in shades of green to create a jungle-inspired ambiance. Its stunning wallpaper from Cole and Son is the perfect blend of exotic and eccentric, which really sets the tone for the evening! Take a good look around and enjoy the Cuban decor before you start singing.

8-person rooms can accommodate 8 people. No additional guests can be added above the maximum. If there are more than 8 people, book our 10-persons room.

10 persons room

An expedition through the trees

From up here can almost hear Tarzan swinging from vine to vine, the cries of the jungle birds and an elephant crossing the river below. The Jungle Story lounge is inspired by life in the wild. Let yourself get swept away to the tropical regions of Africa... And don't forget to sing a song or two along the way!

To really make this 10-person space your own, you can adjust it to your liking. Is the lighting too intense? Lower it via the control panel. Not loud enough for you? Feel free to turn up the volume. The choice is  yours!

10-person rooms can accommodate 11 people. No additional guests can be added above the maximum. If there are more than 11 people, book our 12-persons room.

12 persons room

There is one 12-persons room in BAM Bordeaux.

A journey among the Incas

Stepping into the Tohu Bohu lounge, you can almost hear the songs of the Inca Empire, taking you on a journey through time and space. The tropical walls are embellished with Mayan motifs, so you can enjoy an evening off the beaten path! Imagine wandering through a lush jungle between the pyramids... and maybe sing a song or two while you're at it!

12-person rooms can accommodate 13 people. No additional guests can be added above the maximum. If there are more than 13 people, book our 15-persons room.

15 persons room

A 15-persons room is available in BAM Bordeaux.

Street art on the wild side

A fantastic new world where street art intertwines with nature. Street artist A-MO is behind the monumental mural you see before you. The bird in flight is a resplendent quetzal from Costa Rica, with its distinctive red belly and emerald green body. This is your chance to fly away!


address :
36, rue Cornac 33000 Bordeaux
05 64 31 12 59

Bus :
Lignes 4 & 15

Tramway :
Ligne C - Arrêt "Place Paul Doumer"

Parking :
Parking Cité Mondiale
(20 quai des Chartrons)

Opening Hours :

Tuesday to Friday : 18h - 2h
Saturday : 14h - 2h